Inground Swimming Pool Repair – Government Requirements

You’ve decided it’s time for a new pool or a renovation for your existing one. Building or rejuvenating pools can let you redesign your outdoor space, and build a luxury oasis for you and your family. In all the anticipation, it is important to remember to follow the correct legal and government processes for inground pool repair. There is a range of regulations and procedures from the New South Wales government which must be followed with any pool renovation in Western Sydney.

Pool renovation in Western Sydney has a few tasks to complete before commencing. Firstly, a land survey must be carried out to assess the impact of the renovation project. Plans will need to be submitted showing that the pool does not interfere with geological structures, piping, power lines, or cables. If it does interfere, you need to outline a plan to move them appropriately (remember this adds significant cost). The plans must be approved before the inground pool repair can commence. When choosing a builder, government restrictions dictate that builders must be licensed from NSW Fair Trading if the project costs more than $5000, and all projects over this value must have fully written contracts. Licenses can be verified online with the ‘Property Services License Check’.

Once the inground pool repair has begun, signage must be displayed through the entire duration stating “this swimming pool is not to be occupied or used”. This can only be removed once an inspection has been carried out and a certificate of compliance is issued. For pool renovation in Western Sydney, it is also important to pay correctly, to be covered by the Home Building Compensation Fund. Never pay more than a 10% deposit and only deliver progress payments for completed work. Be sure to remain vigilant and always check with your insurer, especially if a contractor requests additional money or encourages you to become an owner-builder. This shifts many legal and financial responsibilities onto you for the inground pool repair.

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